Project Description

Discover how the people of Newark survived three sieges by dodging cannon fire and hammering flat family silver to make coins, only for plague to ravage the town. Put yourself on the front line, feel the weight of armour and weapons and aim to destroy the Governor’s House as a Parliamentarian gunner.

At the National Civil War Centre there are more ways to learn with interactive trails.

There is something for all ages, just step inside and see.

Augmented Reality Trail
Watch the story of the Civl War unfold on your smartphone or tablet device. See high quality film clips when they are triggered by Augmented Reality technology at each location.Scroll through an interactive timeline covering the national and local events as well as an immersive 360 degree panoramic of Newark Castle during the Civil War. You can also dive deeper into history with an action-packed game.

National Civil War Trail
If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, but you still want to explore the trail, you can pick up a paper version at the National Civil War Centre.

Civic Trust Trails
Other trails to help you explore historic Newark-on-Trent

Civil War Spy trail (recommended 8-12 years)
Become a parliamentarian spy and try to go undetected as you solve clues hidden around the museum. Newark was a Royalist stronghold so make sure you don’t get caught! Once you have all the clues, spin the wheel to see where you’re fate lies.

Prince Rupert trail (recommended 9-12 years)
Let the famous Prince Rupert, nephew of the King, lead you around the museum

Royalist Cavalry trail (recommended 5-9 years)
You’ve been recruited into the Royalist Cavalry. Get on your horse and serve the King!

Boye, Prince Rupert’s Dog, Trail (recommended under 5s)
Museums can seem a bit big when you’re only small, so take Boye the poodle on a walk around the museum to keep you company. Boye loves walks and exploring the museum with new friends.

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